How is to buy and live in Mexico?

How is to buy and live in Mexico?

The process of buying a home with a mortgage is a relatively new process in Mexico. In IMPULSA we will help you go through all the paper work in a proper and secure way.

You don't wave to worry about anything, we will do it all for you; attorneys, laws, and payments will be made with our help so you can just worry about live your life and enjoy your new house.

Your life will be taken to a new level, the oceanside level, and at that level life is amazing for you and your family!.
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Things to keep in mind when look for a house in Mexico.

Think about the following list before you decide to buy property in Mexico:
  • What will the property in Mexico be used for (vacation, investment or rental purposes, retirement)?
  • Is the city convenient to get to, from your home (by car or plane)?
  • Get to know the area that you're interested in, what activities/services are available, especially services for senior citizens, the security for people living there, the people living next door.
  • Make sure you are buying your home in Mexico through a reputable company like ISO-9001 accredited Impulsa.
  • Get accurate estimates of expected costs of closing and other fees to make sure you will be able to close on the deal.
  • Be sure to remember that you'll have to travel to your new city at least a few times (to visit/sign the contract and then to close) in one year.
  • Do your research! Buying a home in Mexico is a big commitment, so make sure your new city has all the atmosphere and activities you want.
  • Decide the best way for you to make your Real Estate investment in Mexico based on the options the developer offers (i.e., cash, deferred, mortgage, etc.).
  • Remember that the process of buying a home with a mortgage is a relatively new process in Mexico. Be prepared to supply documents such as recent pay stubs, proof of residency (current water/gas/electricity bills), proof of ongoing employment, etc. to the mortgage company.