The Healthcare in Mexico.

The Healthcare in Mexico.

Owning a home in Mexico is not only appealing because of the tropical locales and rich culture; a lower cost of living, great home prices with a booming Real Estate market and lower taxes all add to the draw of buying a home here.

Healthcare in Mexico is great and the hospitals are good too, but the cost of it is awesome.

Dentist, plastic surgeons, and almost any treatment you need will be at a lower cost than in United States.
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The best hospitals and medical services in Mexico.

There are several benefits about medical services in Mexico.
There are several benefits about medical service in Mexico: one is that it tends to be much more personal than in other countries. Doctors will make house-calls, and have much more flexible hours than those "office hours" that most foreign citizens are used to. Also, prescription drugs can be bought over-the-counter, with or without a prescription, for much cheaper than in the U.S. and other countries.

Professional medical care is readily available in large cities like Mazatlan and Puerto Vallarta, but can be quite expensive in an emergency situation, and payment will be expected at time of service. If you are visiting your new city, always make sure that you and your family are covered by travel insurance. If your move is permanent, buy private medical insurance for you and all dependents, and be prepared to pay a deposit on any treatment at a hospital, even if it is covered by your policy.

Both Mazatlan and Puerto Vallarta have well-equipped and modern hospitals:


Hospital Sharp Mazatlan
Av. Jesus Kumate y Rafael Buelna S/N
Fracc. Las Cruces
Tel. (669) 986-5676

Hospital Balboa
Av. Camarón Sabalo No. 4480
Centro Comercial Plaza Balboa
Tel. (669) 916-5533

Clínica del Mar de Mazatlan
Av. Revolución y Gral. Cabanillas S/N
Tel. (669) 983-1777

Sanatorio de la Divina Providencia
Galeana No. 619 Pte.
Col. Centro
Tel. (669) 982-4033

Puerto Vallarta

Av. Francisco Medina Ascencio S/N
Plaza Neptuno Local D-1
Col. Marina Vallarta
Tel. (322) 226-2080

Centro Médico CMQ
Basilio Badillo No. 365
Col. Emiliano Zapata
Tel. (322)223-1919 Fax: (322) 223-2423

Clínica Versalles
Lucerna No. 145
Col. Versalles
Tel. (322) 224-9898 Fax: (322) 224-9292

Cornerstone Hospital
Ave. de los Tules No. 136
Col. Diaz Ordaz
Tel. (322) 224-9400 / (322) 224-8122

Manuel M. Dieguez No. 358
Col. Emiliano Zapata
Tel. (322) 223-0656 Fax: (322) 223-0747

San Javier Marina Hospital
Av. Francisco Medina Ascencio No.2760
Zona Hotelera Norte
Tel. (322) 226-1010 Fax: (322) 226-1010

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