Get a title insurance in Mexico.

Get a title insurance in Mexico.

When buying Real Estate in Mexico, or in any foreign country, you may be urged to invest in a title insurance.

Title insurance is a wise "value added decision".

Given the horror stories about Mexican real estate in the U.S. press; a future buyer will value the fact that the property is insurable against any future title problems. The added value, is greater than the cost to be insured. The cost is $8.00 for every one thousand of property value. On a property worth $200,000.00 you will pay $1,600.00 to be insured.
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Impulsa, a trusted developer

To protect foreign buyers from title fraud
When buying Real Estate in Mexico, or in any foreign country, you may be urged to invest in title insurance. According to title insurer Stewart Title Mexico, the purpose of title insurance is to protect foreign buyers from title fraud, identity theft and errors in the public registry that could result in costly litigation or even a loss of property.

With a trusted developer such as Impulsa, you do not need to take on this extra expense. However, if it makes you feel more comfortable with your investment, buy it.

The title insurance from one of our recommended companies, Stewart Title, pays for losses associated with covered title matters and provides for the payment of legal fees associated with defending the title to an insured title.

The same title insurance coverage you purchased on your home in the U.S. is available in Mexico.   First American and Stewart Title Insurance companies, are two of the largest title insurance underwriters in the world and they welcome your business in Mexico.

According to Robert Calamari, President of Global Title and issuing agent for First American in Mexico : "We have determined that our risk, as underwriters on Mexican property, is not much greater than insuring property in the United States. Assuming the same due diligence standards in researching the property are met".

In assuring safe transfer of title in Mexico, the same protocol followed by U.S.  escrow officers is adhered too. Verification that the seller and title holder are one and the same, certification that the property is free of: creditor liens, mechanical liens, tax liens, and utility department liens. Most important, a 50 year study of the property's history to assure that each transfer of title was done in accordance with federal and state laws. 

To buy coastal property, as a foreigner, for personal use (the entire Baja peninsula is considered coastal property), you must do so in a living trust. If you are buying for commercial purposes, a 100% foreign owned Mexican corporation can allow fee simple transfer of property title to foreign owned corporations.. Either method provides the benefits of ownership: Resale,  succession of rights to heirs in perpetuity, or commercial use..