What to do in Puerto Vallarta?

What to do in Puerto Vallarta?

There is great entertainment in Vallarta's Hotel Zone, downtown and romantic zone.

There are always things to do in Puerto Vallarta and this "Puerto Vallarta Things to do" article will try to guide you to sections that explain in detail the options that are available.

Once you get to know the town, you'll notice this is one of the most re-visited destinations in the world (it's actually a statistical fact) and this has to do with a combination of elements: a superb weather, friendly locals, high class resorts and hotels, picturesque locations in and around town, activites and tours.
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Things to do while staying in Puerto Vallarta.

Discover Vallarta and its many activities to do, we promise you won't be disappointed.
The history of Puerto Vallarta Mexico.
The history of Puerto Vallarta Mexico.
    The new Puerto Vallarta or hotel zone.
    The Hotel Zone of Puerto Vallarta is known for the wide variety of luxury spas available in the all-inclusive resorts, as well as some excellent gourmet restaurants.

    Vallarta's Downtown
    Downtown, or "El Centro" is a bustling center with just about any activity available to visitors, but perhaps the best part is strolling and shopping along the Malecón. Lined with excellent restaurants, stores, and art galleries, the Malecón is decorated with interesting statues created by various artists specifically for the city of Puerto Vallarta.

    The Romantic Zone or old town.
    The Romantic Zone is the older part of Puerto Vallarta, and another great place to do some walking. Located near busy Los Muertos Beach, the Romantic Zone is home to even more restaurants and shops, as well as The Santa Barbara Theatre (www.santabarbaratheater.com), the Flea Market on the Isle Río Cuale, and the embarkation point for the Canopy Tours and several water taxis.

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