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Magical Towns – Sinaloa, México

May 03 2010
One of the best places on earth to find a home or buy a real estate is in the Mexican state of Sinaloa, in the Pacific coast of northwest Mexico. Aside from low housing cost and low cost of living, home seekers and retirees find solitude in its sunny beaches, picturesque sceneries, and tranquil communities in Panuco, El Quelite, Copala, Aguacaliente, Concordia, and many other villages. Visitors and tourists are also well respected.

These towns can easily be reached from Mazatlan through bus tours and other inexpensive means of transport as there are direct flights to Mazatlan and countless car ferries ply its ports.

To give you a picture of life in Sinaloa, let us visit five most visited towns in Sinaloa. Let us begin with the town of Panuco. It is a small Spanish colonial village located 45 miles east of Mazatlan and is not far from Copala. The main town is along the Panuco River. Faithful believers from neighboring towns troop to the town during the fiesta of their patron, St. Rosario. By walking through the main cobblestone street, visitors capture sceneries of beautiful shrubs, caged parrots, and ancient adobe buildings. This town is a famous tourist destination in Sinaloa for its sunny beaches, affordable hotels, great restaurants, and happy people.

About 35 kilometers northeast of Mazatlan lay the town of El Quelite. A hugging archway warmly welcomes visitors as they enter the town. The town takes pride in its cleanliness, no garbage nor graffiti on the streets. It’s relaxing to walk on cobblestoned streets lined with bougainvillea and flowering gardens. The friendliness of the people is another plus factor. People from surrounding communities visit the ancient Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe during the town fiesta and enjoy traditional dances and ceremonies during the fiesta celebration.

Copala is another ancient Spanish colonial town of Sinaloa, located 45 miles east of Mazatlan, and is a few minutes ride from neighboring Concordia. Today about 650 people including some foreigners happily lived in the town. Various Mexican celebrations, festivities, live music and carnivals for kids make life in Copala more enjoyable. It is very easy to find restaurants with great foods to offer and spend nights in affordable accommodations or guest rooms. Inexpensive transportation by bus or by small pickup offers travelling convenience around towns.

Concordia is a historic town of Sinaloa, Mexico. Famous for its flourishing furniture manufacturing business, visitors admire the semblance of real Mexico in this humble town. In celebration of the Holy Week, a grand parade features Romans on horseback as they torment Jesus.

Located 22 miles south of Mazatlan is the town of Aguacaliente. It is named after its hot water springs. Most of its residents thrive on red plumb farming. If you want to indulge on the sweetest red plumbs in Sinaloa, it is best to visit Aguacaliente during the plum season in May to July.

Looking for a home or a place to retire? Real Estate in Sinaloa, Mexico is the answer. It is one of the best place to retire.

Author: Impulsa Real Estate

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