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Mazatlan: 10 reasons to visit the "Pearl of the Pacific"

Jul 29 2010
If you’re looking for a family beach destination in Mexico, more than 2.3 million people who live there say you should buy a ticket to Mazatlan. In a nationwide “Battle of the Destinations” held the first week in July, more than 73 percent of voters gave Cancún, Acapulco and Ixtapa a pass and cast their ballots for the Pearl of the Pacific.

Mazatlan’s 16 miles of golden sand beaches and attendant tourism are fringe benefits for the largest port between the United States and the Panama Canal. The city has a long and still-present history, picturesque surroundings to fuel a lifetime of day trips, and a thriving fishing industry. Besides its golden beaches, Mazatlan still boasts the inexpensive digs, fresh seafood, stellar sportfishing and Mexican day-to-day culture that has appealed to travelers since the 1940s.

Mazatlan did time as a spring break haven, remnants of which can still be found in the Zona Dorada tourist zone. Newer developments have been heavy on marina-golf-spa resorts, but these are removed from Mazatlan’s centro. At heart, it remains refreshingly simple and affordable. Here, then, are our top 10 timeless reasons, in addition to the beaches, to visit Mazatlan.

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