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Mazatlan Activities Calendar

Jul 26 2010
Mazatlán, Mexico – Mazatlán is home to a wide range activities throughout the year, from world-class sporting events and fishing tournaments to culinary fairs, music and dance festivals, holiday celebrations and more. Already this year, the destination has hosted the Canadian PGA Tour; the annual Mazatlán Carnival, the world’s third-largest Mardi Gras celebration; and International Motorcycle Week, which brought more than 300,000 visitors to the city.

Beyond the festivities, visitors can immerse themselves in rich culture, authentic cuisine and more in a picturesque setting amid the golden shores of Mazatlán.


New Year Celebration – People from all around the world come to Mazatlan to receive the new year every year. Many places offer special events as well as fun activities according to the festivities.


Mazatlan Carnival – Taking place end of February or March, depending on holy week holiday
Sand Figures contest – Sand figures on the beach of Mazatlan with local and foreign participants


Sail Boat Race – At el CID Resort Marina Yacht Club.

International Golf Tournament – Held at El Cid Golf course, playing 52 holes under medal play system.


Fish Fair – This event takes place at Mazatlan’s Acuarium, showing Sea products for sale and demonstration.

Spring Break “Nancy Grimes” Tennis Tournament – Takes place during Holy week, the week before Easter, with money prices for singles and doubles.


International Senior Golf – Celebrated at el Cid Golf Course

International Fishing tournament – Marlin And Dorado Fishing tournament held at El Cid Yacht club

Mazatlan-Santa Rita Bicycle Race – Four Kilometers of race, with people participating from USA, Canada Colombia and Mexico.


Mazatlan Pacifico Triathlon – Bike, swim and run on this race that takes place at Mazatlan Beaches

Motocross and Super cross Races – Sponsored by the Motorcycle Association of the State of Sinaloa.


Future international tennis tournament – Held at the Club House of Hotel El Cid at Mazatlan.


WTA Futures International Tennis Tournament – This tournament brings 32 of the world’s rising young tennis stars to Mazatlán to compete for a $10,000 U.S. purse. More than 15 countries will be represented in the international event, including Russia, Argentina, Chile, Germany, Mexico, Italy, France, Canada and the U.S.

Location: El Cid Golf & Country Club


Fiesta Amigos de Mazatlán – This four-day “Big Festival of Friends” celebrates the destination’s continued growth, rich culture and fabulous cuisine. Presented by the City of Mazatlán, the Mazatlán Hotel Association and the State of Sinaloa, Gran Fiesta Amigos extends a warm greeting to travel partners in recognition of their ongoing support for this vibrant and thriving tourism hotspot on Mexico’s Pacific coast. Festivities include cultural performances, receptions, award dinner galas and tours showcasing the city’s modern resorts and rich cultural heritage.

Marina El Cid Billfish Classic – Widely referred to as the “Billfish Capital of the World”, Mazatlán is home to the annual Billfish Classic sponsored by El Cid Resorts. This tournament combines world-class billfishing with the destination’s warm hospitality. Anglers are encouraged to release their catches and will accumulate points for every billfish they release to ensure the conservation of this species. Competitors are eligible for daily jackpots along with the grand cash prize.

El Cid International Golf Tournament – El Cid Country Club hosts the annual International Golf Tournament. This golfer’s fantasy is home to a beautifully groomed 27 championship hole course. Amatuer golfers from around the world travel here to compete for thousands of dollars in prizes, vacation packages and more.

Location: El Cid Granada Golf & Country Club

November – December

Mazatlán Cultural Festival – This month-long festival celebrates the city’s rich heritage and historical roots with daily cultural events in Old Mazatlán. Performers travel to Mazatlán from China, Cuba, Japan, Korea, Mexico and the U.S. to stage a variety of theatrical productions. Locals and visitors enjoy festivities ranging from opera and rock concerts to ballet and drama performances, art exhibits and photography shows.

Pacífico Marathon – The world’s top athletes converge in Mazatlán to compete in this annual marathon, rated one of the top 10 in the world. Running conditions are ideal in this seaside destination, with picturesque scenery, ocean views and warm weather. Contestants compete in a weekend of races that include a 5K, 10K, half marathon and marathon.

AXN Film Festival – This competitive festival showcases film entries from across Latin America. From the hundreds of short films submitted each year, only ten finalists will be selected to compete for top honors and prizes. Judges include renowned directors, actors and writers.

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